Nov 29, 2022

Wut Games Week

Wut obscure, weird, random, forgotten game will you stream this week?

On 12/8 The Game Awards will celebrate gaming excellence. But who is there to help us celebrate all those other games? The weird. The obscure. The forgotten. The random. The ones that make you go “Wut?!”

As in ‘Wut genre even is this?’’ games.  The ‘I’m having fun even though I have no idea wut is going on’ games.  And the games that make you say ‘Wut is Shaq Fu and is it a real form of martial arts?’

That’s where you come in. Because if there’s anyone that can give these games the love and recognition they (sort of) deserve, it’s Twitch.

From 12/5-12/7, the week leading up to The Game Awards, we’re challenging the entire Twitch Community to’ re-discover, stream, play, and celebrate all those other games. 

Stream your favorites using the tag ‘WutGamesWeek’ so everyone can tune in and post using #WutGamesWeek because we will be highlighting the community favorites all Wut Games Week-long on social. 

So wut bizarre game nobody’s heard of are you going to speedrun? Wut incredibly weird boss are you going to defeat? Wut game makes you question the very fabric of reality? Wut game only released in Japan in 1991 will the entire Twitch Community fall in love with? Wut game did you beat in the 8th grade that made sense at the time but doesn’t really make sense now that you think about it? Wut game will become so wutworthy that even The Game Awards will need to say… wait wut?!

Wut will you stream during Wut Games Week?

Bring on the weird,


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